Designed to overcome the performance failures of traditional halogens, Marexim xenon-filled lamps can deliver 10,000 hours of quality lamp life, emit little or no damaging UV, and are resistent to vibration and voltage spikes.


They’re brighter and they last longer!

Marexim Xenon Lamps on average provide 35% more light output than a comparative halogen lamp. Due to the Xenon gas which is more viscous than halogen and a special filament design Marexim Xenon lamps have a rated life of 10,000 hours.


Built Tough to Last!

Xenon gas is much more viscous (dense) than Halogen gas, so it provides additional support to the lamp filament by dampening the effects of vibration. Add to this a specially designed filament structure and these lamps will withstand some serious vibration.


Low Cost and Low Maintenance.

You won't have to waste your time or money maintaining these lamps once you've installed them. Callbacks will be a thing of the past.


No UV light.

Xenon lamps don't produce the same harmful UV light that halogens do, meaning they are less likely to fade or deteriorate paint, fabrics, or furnishings.


Large Range of Lamps available.

Marexim Xenon Lamp range includes MR16s, GU10s, G9s, AR111s, GY6.35, G4 and R7s Linears.