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With unrivalled financial strength and broad based industry expertise, we offer businesses, schools, government organisations and individuals competitive leasing, rental and financing packages. Home and building finance is also available on request.

Marexim Financial Services' underwriters are backed by the strength of over thirty years of experience and in excess of $60 billion in finance origination.

Understanding the best way to finance expensive equipment can be complicated. It's our business to know about the latest technology and its useful life. Marexim Financial Services combines extensive asset knowledge with specialist financial expertise to assist you when considering technology finance options.

Currently Marexim Financial Services offers its services for the USA, Canada, Australian and New Zealand territories. Other territories will be offered in the future.

Financial management of technology assets

Our constant participation and investment in technology markets makes it easier for you to optimise the management of your assets over their life.

We offer clients finance for a range of assets including:

  • Lighting & Electrical Equipment
  • Solar Solutions
  • IT & Telecommunications
  • Plant & Equipment
  • Medical
  • Hospitality
  • Fit-out Solutions
  • Copiers & Printers
  • Home and building options

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Making An Informed Decision

With today's high levels of technology obsolescence, organisations need to consider a number of key financial factors when deciding whether to rent or purchase equipment.

What will your equipment be worth at the end of its useful life?

The operational value of your equipment decreases over time, while the residual risk of using outdated equipment increases. Implementing a Marexim Financial Services solution will optimise residual value and minimise residual risk. Residual risk is minimised because Marexim Financial Services is responsible for the disposal of the equipment at the end of the rental term, while residual value is returned to you in the form of lower rental payments throughout the contract.

What is the true cost of the capital or other funds that are required to finance both the acquisition and operation of your equipment?

Implementing a Marexim Financial Services finance strategy will allow you to leverage your capital and invest it in opportunities that will help you to grow your business. This will mean your capital would no longer be tied-up in depreciating assets.

Will your asset register withstand the rigours of your next external audit?

Your organisation could risk qualification if auditors are not satisfied with the results of an asset audit. Renting your assets through Sale and Leaseback removes this concern. By renting your equipment, you not only remove your assets from the balance sheet, but you also gain greater control over the true cost of your leased assets.

Online Contract Management

If you have trouble keeping track of the type, location and value of the equipment being used in your organisation, Marexim Financial Services can coordinate an extensive asset audit and store all the information on the Marexim Financial Services Online Contract Management (OCM) system. Marexim Financial Services OCM replaces your internal asset register and can provide you with instant access to comprehensive data on all your leased assets 24 hours a day.

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Simplifying Complex Technology Roll-outs

Strength & Security

Marexim Financial Services partnership arrangement has over 25 years of experience helping major corporate and government clients with the funding of their technology needs. This partnership is the leading independent leasing financier in Australia and New Zealand, and has helped over 30,000 companies reduce the 'total cost of ownership' of their technology-based business assets.


Our rental programs allow you to achieve your technology goals without tying up your capital in rapidly depreciating assets. Financial certainty around payments allows you to budget effectively and make the most of your money. Rentals aligned with the expected life-cycle of equipment give you more options and flexibility.


You can structure finance terms and payments to meet your individual needs. At the end of the contract period, you can continue to rent, upgrade the equipment, replace the equipment with new equipment or return the equipment with no residual payment.

Understanding technology, finance, and your individual requirements results in a finance product that's made to suit you, not a product that makes you change to suit it.

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Technology With The Flexibility You Need

Marexim Financial Services partnership arrangement is one of the largest and most experienced medical equipment lessors in Australia and New Zealand. Helping so many healthcare providers gives unique market insight.

Structured finance and procurement plans

We tailor individually structured finance and procurement plans to support large Australasian healthcare providers. Public and private entities turn to Marexim Financial Services with their specific equipment acquisition and upgrade requirements.

Independent acquisition assistance

We provide independent assistance in acquiring products at optimal prices. Through our partnership arrangements, Marexim Financial Services can help you acquire the right product at the right time, and most importantly at the right price.

Tailored asset management programs

Marexim Financial Services designs asset management programs to meet customer requirements. Our sophisticated finance and asset management programs cover the total technology life-cycle from procurement to disposal and replacement. This provides clarity, control and predictability over the costs associated with managing your overall technology environment.

Our Commitment

We regularly attend and support industry conferences, trade shows, functions and charity events. In support of our Registered Club clientele, Marexim Financial Services and its partners have been involved in several community projects both locally and abroad. We take great pride in working closely with our clients to support the community on an on-going basis.

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Enhancing Your Students Education

Group buying power for students, teachers, schools, and universities

Technology is now an integral part of our children’s education and home life. The Marexim Financial Services education plan provides an effective solution which gets students in touch with technology early in their development.

Students, teachers, schools, and universities alike can enjoy the benefits that group buying power offers. By partnering with Marexim Financial Services you’ll access the latest technology on favourable terms.

The Marexim Financial Services education plan allows access to the latest technology: no up front costs, computing solutions that allow for learning at school, at home – anywhere, no time consuming credit applications and credit checking process, option to provide students end-of-term ownership to take with them to further education, facilitates a cost-effective means of allowing students to acquire the latest in notebook technology to assist them with learning, all students can access the program, giving them all an equal opportunity to develop, a program that is extremely simple to use with administration supported by Marexim Financial Services.

Marexim Financial Services can help you be the educator of choice with the Marexim Financial Services Educational Plan.

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Upgrade Without Penalty

Avoid equipment obsolescence and disposal costs

Exchange Plan is a flexible procurement and payment plan that allows you to replace a percentage of the original asset cost with new equipment at different periods of the rental contract.

How does Exchange Plan work?

Marexim Financial Services will purchase the equipment you need from your chosen vendor and then rent it to you for the negotiated term. If you choose to replace some of your equipment using Exchange Plan there will be no increase in payment, just a proportional increase in the length of the rental contract. At the end of the rental period you can continue to rent, upgrade the equipment, replace the equipment with new equipment, or return the equipment with no penalty or residual payment.

The Benefits:

  • Fixed regular payments,
  • Upgrade more frequently though the use of a tailored exchange process,
  • Greater flexibility – exchange what you need to, when you need to,
  • Flexible end-of-term options,
  • Reduced cost of ownership,
  • Conserve cash – pay for use over time,
  • Reduce ongoing paperwork – simple terms within a Master Agreement.


The Marexim Financial Services Master Agreement is a single document that is the foundation for a continual schedule of equipment exchange.

Flexibility and Independence

The Exchange Plan allows you to exchange or upgrade your existing equipment with newer, more productive technology.

Marexim Financial Services is vendor independent, so you can choose your preferred supplier. We are focused on ensuring that you have the financial flexibility to have the technology you need, when you need it, to meet your operational needs

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Receive A Cash Injection

The Sale & Leaseback product is designed for an organisation that has an existing inventory of equipment. Under the Sale & Leaseback solution, you sell your existing equipment to Marexim Financial Services at its written down value, or current market value (whichever is higher) and then rent it back for the remainder of its useful life.

The Benefits of Sale & Leaseback:

  • Continue to use the equipment you’ve always used,
  • Receive a cash injection,
  • Remove company assets from the balance sheet,
  • Invest your money in appreciating assets and not have it tied up in depreciating equipment,
  • Consolidate all your assets into a single rental schedule,
  • Implement a structured plan of equipment renewal through the exchange plan,
  • Gain greater financial control through a fixed and regular quarterly rental payment,
  • Transfer the risks and costs of ownership and disposal to Marexim Financial Services.


You can use the Sale & Leaseback solution with most business assets. You can then have the added flexibility to add new equipment or change the rental term or the amount you pay whenever you want.

How Sale & Leaseback can work for you

Your Sale & Leaseback solution is tailored to meet your unique requirements. You may consolidate all of your assets or only a percentage of them into one contract, whichever is administratively efficient for you. You can also combine the sale of your existing assets with the purchase of new equipment from the vendor of your choice under one rental schedule.

A Typical Sale & Leaseback example:

You have an existing asset base that has a written down book value of $500,000 with most of this equipment being paid off through a variety of bank loans and other traditional methods of financing. Payment amounts and payment times may vary between each method of repayment.

Marexim Financial Services will buy all of this equipment at its current book value ($500,000) helping you to avoid expense write-downs and capital gains taxes. You then lease this equipment from Marexim Financial Services, paying only a fixed quarterly rental amount. From the sale, you now have $500,000 in cash to pay down debt, reinvest in the business, or acquire new investments.

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