MAREXIM Research and Development

Marexim’s international reputation, as a company that consistently brings some of the most technologically advanced sustainable products to the world stage, requires ongoing and heavy investment into research and development. This ensures that the expected level of excellence, that has become synonymous with the Marexim brand, continues.

Marexim has several "Centres of Excellence" (CENTREX®) strategically situated across the globe. The Centrex placement forms part of our partnership and joint venture network which enables some of the greatest minds in world to be involved in the final outcome of the Marexim product solution range.

Rigorous testing (both in laboratory and real situation environments) and a multitude of checking, re-checking and re-testing takes place before any product gets to wear the prestigious Marexim badge. No product by right gets the Marexim stamp, it has to earn it!

Internationally recognized Certification and Approval status is attained and maintained with special attention being given to RoHS, WEE, UL, CE & EMC, among others.

All products are designed with a sustainable environmental focus in mind. It’s not just about making a great product but what the product can positively contribute to the wellbeing of our future. Recycling and the ability to reuse components at end of life is always of utmost consideration.

Be-spoke or specific use product can be developed or sourced from the Marexim Centrex network. If you have a need, it is very likely that we either have or could supply that solution.

The Research & Development Centrex live and breathe the Marexim promise:

"Quality that doesn’t cost… it pays!"

There is never any compromise on quality and this ensures that every Marexim product that reaches you is Safe, Long Lasting and Energy Efficient.

   Research and Development