The Marexim Messenger

The "Marexim Messenger" is the Ultimate Mobile Interactive Education facility that New Zealand has ever had the chance to experience.

The Energy Smart Schools Trust has managed to secure it to help drive home the environmental message to school communities right across New Zealand. The Marexim Messenger inter-actively educates all audiences about the potential environmental consequences of our current actions and what we can all do now to protect our nation for future generations.

At approximately 18 metres long and nearly five metres wide (when fully opened out) the Marexim Messenger can accommodate a full class of 35-40 students. Life-sized trees and a surround sound audio system, creates a magnificent native New Zealand forest atmosphere which transforms itself into an interactive learning centre that can be enjoyed by an audience of all ages.

Even though the Marexim Messenger is rather large, it is also conscious of its own environmental footprint and is therefore equipped to be run on bio-diesel. It is also part of a tree planting plan that moves even further into the responsibility that surrounds sustainability.

Schools and communities are very excited about the "Marexim Messenger", and are already registering with the Trust to express their interest for it to visit them.