Marexim Energy-Saver Safety Bulbs®

Same Size, Same Shape, NO Liquid Mercury.
Manufactured using Lead FREE Glass and Lead FREE Solder

Marexim Energy-Saver Safety Bulbs® are the same Size, Same Shape as common bulbs. They do not contain Liquid Mercury and are manufactured using Lead FREE Glass and Lead Free Solder.

Marexim Energy-Saver Safety Bulbs® are the SAFE alternative to your home and office lighting solutions.

Reasons to choose Marexim Energy-Saver Safety Bulbs®:

  • Safety First!
    Marexim Safety Energy-Savers® Bulbs DO NOT contain Liquid Mercury! Marexim Safety Energy-Savers® Bulbs have a protective outer shell covering the inner workings. They are "Cool" to Touch and have been manufactured using Lead FREE Glass and Lead FREE Solders. They are also the only marketed RoHS Compliant Safety Bulbs available in New Zealand.
    RoHS = Restriction of Hazardous Substances
  • Long Lasting / Long Life
    Marexim Safety Energy-Saver® Bulbs last 10-15 times longer than normal bulbs thus less wastage and less pollution in our landfills. They also come with a 12 month Warranty.
  • Energy Efficient
    Marexim Safety Energy-Saver® Bulbs draw less power thus you may save up to 85% of electricity usage & cost (depending on which bulbs you are replacing).
  • Look like Ordinary Bulbs
    Marexim Safety Energy-Saver® Bulbs are the same Size, same Shape and even look like normal light bulbs. The Smart alternative to the Ugly Curly Whirly!
  • Avoid Unnecessary Costs
    Marexim Safety Energy-Saver® Bulbs may help you avoid $1,100 of Costs over the life of a "Smart Pack" of 6 bulbs.
  • Virtually 100% Recyclable
    Because of the strict adherence to RoHS Certification, this allows the Marexim Safety Bulbs to have a very high recyclability percentage. Marexim also has an easy recycling service for their Safety Bulbs. Please refer to Products Packs for more details on how to recycle these Marexim Safety Bulbs.

Marexim Energy-Saver Safety Bulbs® Certification