The Marexim Group of companies is a global business with the purpose of;

Empowering ALL people for Environmental Sustainability.

Marexim is at the forefront of the latest Global Lighting, Electrical and Renewable Energy Generation Technology that provides Environmentally Sustainable Solutions to Governments, SOEs, Corporations, Organisations, Institutions, Business and Households.

Marexim is able to offer a complete Environmentally Sustainable end to end proposition for an increasingly wide variety of applications. These “Sustainable Energy Generation to Application Systems” (e.g. Solar power technologies running low wattage LED Lights) are unique to Marexim.

In addition, our products will lower operational costs (over the full life of the installation), reduce installation & application failures and therefore reduce ongoing maintenance costs & ultimately eliminate negative affects of costly call backs.

Marexim’s solutions allow customers and client’s the opportunity to make a positive contribution towards genuinely reducing their Carbon Footprint – a far greater challenge than the popularised stop gap of achieving ‘Carbon Neutrality’ by leveraging (i.e. trading), someone else’s good work to cover deficiencies. In other words, at Marexim we make being more sustainability Easy.

Marexim are able to achieve this through Education and by providing a range of innovative, environmentally friendly, technologically advanced solutions that are Safe, Long Lasting and Energy Efficient. We also offer as part of our commitment to customers and clients as well as the environment we live and work in, end of life recycling and reuse options.

Marexim is also proud to fund a highly successful Green Star® Planting Programme. Marexim works with communities to replant native bush in Schools, parks and public reserves as well as providing assistance to sand dune preservation.