Welcome to the Lighting Revolution

Marexim LED lighting technology is saving businesses thousands of dollars per year

LED lighting has evolved and developed rapidly since Marexim launched its very first LED products, over 4 years ago. Huge investment into newer areas of the technology has seen Marexim now launch a suite of LED lighting products which can truly replace existing halogen types. In addition, Marexim LED lighting is able to produce incredible effects, the likes of which could never have been achieved using conventional forms of lighting. Many false claims have been made by firms about under-performing LED lighting in the past, causing confusion and disappointment. Don't be disillusioned by this, as Marexim products genuinely deliver! If we state "direct replacement" then it is!

The helpful support team at Marexim are experienced in being able to help you make the correct choices in LED lighting selection. Whether it be by the effect you wish to create, the money you wish to save, or simply the results you wish to achieve based upon a budget, we are here to help.

The benefits of utilising new LED technology, and selecting products from the Marexim range include:

  • No Heat. Essential for heat-sensitive installations. Power bills are also cut, as a result of the decreased load on air conditioning systems.
  • Lower Power Use. Reduce your power bills, or use DC-operable lamps to replace high wattage lamps in battery systems such as boats.
  • Incredible Long Life. Eliminate constant maintenance and lamp changes. Fit and forget!
  • Incredible Effects. Not achievable by using any other light source.
  • Reducing Environmental Impact. Less power used means less money spent, and also less generation being required at source. Reduce your company's carbon footprint by switching to sustainable lighting technology from the Marexim range. Up to 25 times longer lasting also means a huge reduction in lamps dumped in landfills.
Sustainable Lighting Solutions Guide