Advanced Solar Technology

Marexim HNU Inc. specializes in creative renewable technologies and has developed a groundbreaking range of hybrid solar technology that is designed to maximize efficiencies as well as save time and money.
By filling a long-existing void for a low cost, high power output solar electric system, Marexim HNU have achieved a solution that is rugged, versatile and scalable for both residential and commercial owners right up to solar power-generation farms.
With the technology to produce 250% more power, from the same footprint as conventional panels, Marexim HNU is at the cutting edge of harnessing solar efficiency globally.
Install Marexim HNU Advanced Solar Technology for the peace of mind that only real quality and innovation can bring.
Combine this with Marexim HNU sustainable lighting solutions and you will have an unbeatable mix of reliability, efficiency and performance. 

Tailored Solar Solutions

To maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of every solar installation, specialized computer aided modeling software is utilized to ensure that the job is done right, the first time, no matter how big or how small it may be.

Turn Key Options

No matter if the installation is for a residential property or for a large scale solar power generation plant, Marexim HNU can offer a full start to finish solution whether it be “on-grid”, “off-grid”, requiring finance or a Power Purchasing Agreement.

60% Smaller

Because the efficiency of the advanced technology is much higher, the panels don’t have to be as big to produce the same amount of power as traditional panels.

Low maintenance

Being built tough and to very high exacting standards means that the technology will last longer, providing years of maintenance free solar power generation.

Environmentally considerate

Through every stage of the manufacturing and installation process the environment is always considered, making the Marexim HNU solution one of the kindest on the planet.

Solar Side Panel