Xe Hybrid Convertibles


Xe Hybrid Convertibles

The Marexim Hybrid concept was created to embrace the good aspects of modern LED and CFL lamps and those of the traditional incandescent lamp. It overcomes many of the shortcomings of these, with a concept that’s so simple, it just makes sense.

Why throw away a whole lamp when you can simply replace the failed component?

Enjoy instant full brightness start-up and compatibility with all standard dimmers.

“Mercury and Lead Free” avoids risking the health and wellbeing of your people and the environment.

Save on storage space by standardizing your light-fittings and only keep a small number of replaceable Hybrid Capsules.

With over 700 possible combinations there’s an energy saving Marexim Xe Hybrid lamp that’s just right for your lighting application. With zero waste it’s great for your pocket and the planet.


Marexim Xe Hybrid created the perfect lamp for you



create the perfect lamp for you