NZ Lighting Awards

NZ Lighting Awards

The NZ Lighting Industry is shaped and molded by those that are willing to step outside the norm yet also focus on the practicality and long term lower cost of ownership and reliability of an application. In most cases, "quality doesn't cost... it pays!"

In a world where cheaper-cheaper seems to put enormous pressure on those that want to provide their customer with the best solution, it is increasingly more difficult to stand up for what you really believe. A long term lower cost of ownership seldom means buying the cheapest product now but more the product that will last longer, have a better warranty period, have rapid backup support if required and is more environmentally friendly than others.

The IES NZ Lighting Awards recognises those that are striving to make a difference, every day, in the lighting industry. Marexim is therefore very proud to be a major sponsor for this event and to play an ever increasing role in the wellbeing and safety of our lighting and electrical industry.

Marexim congratulates all those that strive for the betterment and longevity of the industry.

IES Platinum Sponsor 3 years running!