Marexim CFL's do it again!!!

Advanced Safety Bulb technology and savings recognised...
Same Shape, Same Size, NO LIQUID MERCURY!
Manufactured using LEAD FREE glass and LEAD FREE solder.

New Zealand is constantly reminded of their energy shortages. To alleviate this problem we can either "make it or save it".

It has been estimated that just 6 energy efficient safety bulbs permanently installed in appropriate locations, in every New Zealand household could save enough electricity to power the equivalent of both Hamilton and Dunedin combined, and also be environmentally friendly too.

People in New Zealand unintentionally waste an enormous amount of energy, especially on lighting. Energy-saving Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) have been readily available, but still people have been reluctant to use them until now. The main reason has been that they do not look like ordinary light bulbs, with their unfamiliar “spiral" or "tube-like" appearance. These fragile tubes can also be easily broken if knocked and subsequently release their mercury content. In most cases these types will not fit properly into all domestic light fittings, or they will protrude and look out of place.

There is now a solution to this!!!

The Marexim "New Generation" Energy-Saving Safety bulbs®. They look the same and are the same size as normal bulbs but use about 20% of the power and last up to 15 times longer.

They contain NO LIQUID MERCURY, and are manufactured using LEAD FREE glass and LEAD FREE solder!

They are also the only RoHs compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) bulbs currently on the market.

"The Energy $mart Schools Trust" has also chosen the "new generation" Marexim CFLs to be part of a nationwide school teaching programme which also includes a fundraising opportunity that will place energy saving safety lamps into many homes right across New Zealand.

The teaching programme focuses on the hot topic of "energy conservation" and how we can all play our part in alleviating the associated problems that New Zealand now faces, such as the current contributions to greenhouse gases, landfill waste, global warming and energy shortages.

The trust has identified that for New Zealand to make a change that New Zealanders must be educated on how to change and what will make the change easy and not cost an arm and a leg. That education must therefore start at school and conclude with a safe solution that has the same look and feel that everyone is familiar with. The "new generation" Marexim safety bulbs help to tick all the boxes on these requirements.

Please refer to "The Energy Smart Schools Trust" website to find out how you too can be involved and play your part in this long awaited change.

Marexim is also an Energy Star partner.

Marexim also has a full Safety Bulb recycling process in place.

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