Marexim Xenon breakthrough outshines halogen lamps...

10000hr lamp life!

Introducing XENON (Xe) into low voltage and mains voltage lamps achieves superior performance

Dean Coleman, Managing Director of Marexim, says "the secret to the performance gains comes from the use of the gas XENON in the lamps - the XENON is more viscous and protects the filament allowing the lamp to produce the characteristics we were looking for - long life, safety, durability and a higher quality, brighter light output."

Designed to overcome the performance failures of traditional halogens, the Marexim XENON Lamps can deliver 10,000 hours of quality lamp life. "With a 10,000-hour lamp life, the Marexim XENON Lamp last five times longer than a standard 2,000 hour Halogen" says Coleman. "This means resellers and contractors can spend less time dealing with costly call backs and performance issues with inferior lamps"

Coleman also states that "our company strives to provide lighting solutions that are brighter and last longer. The superior performance of Marexim XENON lamps means that they are a very cost effective option."

"For example, a 10,000hr lamp priced at $10 has operating cost's of $1.00/1,000hrs. Compare the cost per 1,000hrs for a 2,000hr lamp priced at $5 ($2.50/1,000hrs). The 10,000hr lamp represents a 60% saving in running costs - and that's what customers actually want." explains Coleman.

Light Output.

"They're brighter and they last longer" says Coleman. "Put a Marexim XENON Lamp alongside its halogen equivalent and you'll find the XENON Lamps' performance is quite staggering. We have tested a broad range of MR16 halogen Dichroic reflector lamps. Their light outputs were all, bar one, at least 17 percent less than the equivalent wattage Marexim XENON Lamp. Many had less than half the light output. The Marexim XENON GU10 results were even more significant"

Superior Vibration Resistance

One user of Marexim's xenon lamps, Jeff Wallace of Future Products Group in Napier, a supermarket refrigeration display unit manufacturer, says the lamp's durability and vibration resistance is a real bonus. When lamps are vibrated, filament coils can contact each other and blow the lamp prematurely.

"In commercial environments, motor vibration and inconsistent power quality are the main cause of premature lamp failure. In our experience, we find Marexim's XENON Lamps have a much longer service life than halogen lamps."

Marcel van Riel of Riel Lighting Wholesalers, says, "I have sold Marexim XENON lamps to my clients for over a year now. Their long life is just what my commercial and executive residential customers require. They offer lower maintenance costs, fewer disruptions and less wear and tear on quality light fittings. The Aluminum backed versions offer even greater benefits than their standard Dichroic counterparts."

Since their introduction, halogen lamps have offered an ambience and variety that other lighting systems could not match. However, high UV output along with other shortcomings has been a cause of concern in many lighting applications.

"This is true of the marine industry" says Noel Adams of Thirty Seven South Provedores in Auckland. "At Thirty Seven South one of our jobs is to provide cost-effective lighting solutions to super-yachts. Low voltage lighting in the marine industry has always been a problem and halogen lamps suffer in the marine environment due to vibration as well as harsh power fluctuations and spikes. The Marexim XENON Lamps became the solution to our customers problems. Being more robust, vessel movement, vibration and power fluctuations don’t seem to affect them much at all."

"Not only did it solve these issues but, because the xenon lamp has little or no UV output, customers are assured their artworks and furnishings will not be affected or fade in the same way as they can under halogen light. In one case we supplied 600 lamps to one of the largest super yachts to visit Auckland during the Americas Cup" says Adams.

If you are a designer, specifier, lighting supplier or an electrician looking to provide a better lighting solution for your customers, have a good look at the Marexim range of XENON Lamps as their unique benefits over traditional halogen lamps raise lighting to a new level.

Environmental Costs:

In Today's world we also need to take into consideration the cost to the environment.    A cost that must not be under estimated.

"Frequent lamp changes can shorten the life of both lamp holders and lamps. Some lamp holders become worn and require maintenance or replacement after only a few lamp changes. Longer life lamps mean less maintenance, lower cost of ownership, less replacement and therefore less wastage and dumping of components into our Landfills" says Coleman.

Introducing Marexim XENON Lamps will give long-term savings, not only to the customer, but also to the environment.

Wide range.

The Marexim XENON range features a Dichroic and an Aluminium cool-back MR16.

"The MR16 aluminium cool-back and the long-life, mains-voltage GU10-base xenon lamps are the only ones of their kind in the world. The twin-fused mains-voltage GU10-base lamp life is rated double that of any standard GU10 halogen on the market. The light output is substantially higher and the lamp emits a less 'yellow' light" says Coleman

Marexim Xenon Lamp range includes MR16s, GU10s, G9s, AR111s, GY6.35, G4 and R7s Linear's.

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Xenon lamps reduce Landfill